Rostraver Township is one of Pennsylvania's most scenic and fastest growing townships with a population of over 11,700.  Rostraver became a township in 1773 and in January 1959 turned first class.  Every new home under construction is an affirmation that Rostraver Township, with its location on major highways, combined with large tracts of open land, continues to be one of the most desirable places to live.  More than 300 businesses contribute to Rostraver's reputation as the finest and largest shopping area in the rural atmosphere, residents enjoy educational and recreation opportunities.
       The Township strives to preserve the character of the community while providing the municipal services this growning community needs and desires.  The challenge is to extend the Township's focus beyond what the community needs today by designing facilities and services that will serve the community for years to come.  All of this and more is being done to ensure that residents continue to receive municipal services in a professional and cost efficient manner.  Rostraver has many historic buildings such as the old Concord one room school house built in 1830 and reconstructed in 1949.  Another historic building is the Fells Methodist Church founded in 1784 and located in Fellsburg which has housed not only a church but the municipal building, police station, the library, EMS, and various clubs.  Respect for the spirit of Rostraver's founders creates a balanced blend of history and progress that insures a healthy, pleasant community in which to live, work and raise families.
       The Rostraver Township Board of Commissioners have been working since 1995 on a major road widening project in a busy business section to improve traffic flow on Finley Road by expanding about 1 1/2 miles of the route from where it meet Route 201 to Rehoboth Road which was completed in the fall of 2009.  The Board of Commissioners adopted a revised comprehensie plan that includes a recreation, park, and open space plan, and a feasibility study for impact fess.  Ordinances updates and amendments based on the comprehensive plan include an amendment to recreation dedication, standards for traffic impact studies and an increase in building height in the commercial district.
       The many outdoor opportunities in the Township remain a constant such as Cedar Creek Park which offers activities ranging from exploring the unspoiled beauty of the natural gorge to enjoying a free concert series at the park amphitheater to participating in sports such as softball, baseball, soccer, and basketball.  The Rostraver Township Board of Commissioners dedicated the Rostraver Township Veterans Memorial located next to the municipal building.  Churches representing many denominations, services, and youth organizations exist in Rostraver.  Rostraver Township hosts a general aviation airport called the Rostraver Airport.  It provides a complete range of aviation services, including fuel sales, aircraft rental and sales, maintenance, storage/tie-down, flight instruction, aerial photography, avionics, and a medical helicopter service.  The Rostraver Public Library is located in Rostraver Township which features computers, a children's area and reading, crafts, and other educational programs.
       The Township's new webpage,, became available in 2008.  It includes community information, business information, government information such as permit applications, township regulations and codes, residents information, services available, and other pertinent information. 
       The area's natural beauty, a progressive outlook and expanding resources has continued to attract families and businesses alike.