Planning & Zoning Department

Planning & Zoning:
Tamira M. Spedaliere, Township Planner
Frank Monack, Rostraver Township Building/Ordinance/Zoning Officer
Carl DeiCas, P.E.,  KLH Engineers

Planning Agency

Rostraver Township Comprehensive Plan Update 2020

Rostraver Township Comprehensive Plan Update 2008

2018 Planning Agency (11) 

       Rostraver Township does not have a Planning Commission.  In 2002, the Board of Commissioners created a Planning Agency in place of a Planning Commission.  The Planning Agency consists of Township Engineer Carl DeiCas, Zoning Officer Frank Monack, and Township Planner Tamira Spedaliere.  They meet once a month to go over plans that come in for a land development, subdivisions, and zoning changes.  The Planning Agency reviews all planning matters, meets with developers, and streamlines the development process.

2018 Planning Agency (8)