Board of Commissioners
John Lorenzo, President/Chairman
Raymond Iacoboni, Vice President/Vice Chairman
Gary N. Beck, Sr 
Henry S. Boldyzar, Jr.
Devin M. DeRienzo

Library Board: 
Anthony Ruozzi - President
Judy Yoskosky - Vice President
James Stump Jr. - Treasurer
Edie Vay - Secretary
Chrissy Fabin
John Maisch
Mark Seamans
Jody Spedaliere
Bernadette Zunic

Recreation Commission:
Thomas Godzak, President
Thomas Indof, Vice President
Tony Argirakis, Secretary
Donald W. Lynn, Jr., Treasurer
John DiVirgilio
Jack French
Kim Steadman

             Sewage Authority:            
Dennis C. Manown, Chairman
William Ruozzi, Vice Chairman
William Callaway, Secretary
Rudy Godzak, Treasurer
Gary Dilmore, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Zoning Hearing Board:
Anthony Boscan, Chairman
Stuart D. Boyd, Vice Chairman
John Bedell, Secretary
Larry A. Callaway, Sr., Alternate

Everyone is encouraged to get involved in the community and
their local government as a member of one of the various boards,
commission and/or volunteer groups.