Your local government is run by a five member Board of Commissioners.  The Board members are elected to staggered, four-year terms in at-large elections.  The Board of Commissioners is vested with the legislative powers of the Township and is responsible for the adoption of ordinances, resolutions and policies that guide the operation of township government

       The Board of Commissioners also appoints the members of the various advisory boards and authority boards, such as the Zoning Hearing Board, Recreation Commission, Sewage Authority, Library Board, etc.  The township solicitor is Attorney Timothy Maatta and the township engineer is Carl DeiCas of KLH Engineers, Inc.

       The township currently has several distinct departments.  Each member of the Board of Commisisoners is in charge of the various Township departments.  The Chairman is Commissioner Devin DeRienzo who oversees the Administration Department with Commissioner Raymond Iacoboni as Vice Chairman.  The committee appointments for two year terms are as follows:  Budget and Finance is Commissioner Devin DeRienzo; Health and Welfare is Commissioner Gary N. Beck, Sr.; Roads, Streets, and Equipment is Commissioner Gary Litvany; Parks and Conservation is Commissioner Henry Boldyzar; and Public Safety is Commissioner Raymond Iacoboni.

       The Administrative Department is made up of Secretary, Secretary/Clerk, Clerk, Planner, Zoning, Sewage, and Ordinance Officer.  These staff members coordinate and direct the various administrative activities of the Township including accounts payable/receivable, public relations, payroll, record keeping, translating of minutes, delinquent garbage, review of new developments, subdivisions, conditional use, stormwater management plans, on-lot sewage, the issuance of zoning and sign permits, and the enforcement of zoning and ordinances.  The Finance Department consists of one Finance Director who is responsible for audits, payroll, accounts payable/receivable, budget per First Class Township Code, bank statements, bonds, and various other jobs.  Parks and Recreation is responsible for the development, maintenance and monitoring of all township owned and leased parks.  The Public Works Department is primarily responsible for the maintenance, construction, and preservation of all township owned infrastructures including roads, storm sewers, public buildings and grounds.  The Police Department is in charge with maintaining the peace, order and safety of the Township.  This is accomplished through routine patrols, traffic enforcement, criminal investigation, and communication.  Health and Welfare encompasses overseeing sewage, water, refuse, and recycling.

        The Board of Commissioners meets the first, third, and last Wednesday of every month to discuss the township's business and to approve the annual budget all in accordance with the First Class Township Code.  The Township has a comprehensive plan to help guide the elected officials in their decision making process.  The Rostraver Township Board of Commissioners tries to balance the rural history of the township with the continual residential and commerical growth the Township experiences due to its wonderful location and large tracts of open land.

       Any questions or information about the Townshp can be answered by contacting the Rostraver Township Municipal Building by phone at 724-929-8877, by email at, or through the website at  

      Everyone is encouraged to get involved in the community and their local government as a member of one of the various boards, commission and/or volunteer groups.