Permit Applications


Building (i.e. Construction) Permits

On March 1, 2017, the Rostraver Township Board of Commissioners approved Ordinance #683-PA UCC  to opt-in the Pennsylvania Construction Code administered through Rostraver Township.  Residential and commercial properties will stilll need zoning permits from the Township but will also be required to get a building permit from Rostraver Township. 

Common Nuisance Ordinances - Used vehicles (not currently licensed and inspected), appliances, machinery, or other solid waste cannot be stored or accumulated on private property.  Unsafe buildings or structures must be repaired or removed; grass and weeds must be maintained at 6" in height or less, public nuisances such as loud noises, barking dogs, open excavations, unfinished buildings, mud, smoke, etc. are prohibited.

Conditional Use – Certain listed uses which may be suitable in certain locations only when specific conditions and factors are present, which are reviewed by the Planning Agency and permitted or denied by the Board of Commissioners. (Chapter 195 of the Township Code)

Cutting/Boring Permit - Cutting or Boring under township roads or within road right-of-ways require a permit to be issued by Township Engineer and Road Supervisor. (Chapter 166 of the Township Code)

Driveways/Road Openings  – New driveways, widening of existing driveways, or road excavations, within road right-of-ways require a permit to be issued by the Township Engineer. (Chapter 166 of the Township Code)


Grading – Disturbed areas over five (5) acres require a Township Permit issued by the Zoning Officer.

Miscellaneous – Prior to review and issuance of any Township Permits/Approvals, any and all other state and federal permits must be issued first, such as PennDOT (driveways), DEP (mining, flood plains, stream encroachments, sewage, air quality, etc.), Labor and Industry (UCC), Westmoreland County Conservation District (erosion and sedimentation and stormwater) and all others.

Occupancy Permit – Required prior to use or occupancy of any vacant land; use or occupy any structure constructed, re-constructed, moved, altered or enlarged; change the use of a structure or land to a different use; change a non-conforming use (i.e. a use established prior to adoption of October 5, 1970 zoning ordinance) to a conforming use.

Overweight Highway/Right-of-Way Application   - Hauling over the weight limit on road(s) will require a permit plus a bond to be determined and inspected by the Township Engineer (Chapter 187 of the TownshipCode

Rental Occupancy  - Landlords must report all tenants to the township.

Re-Zoning – Change of property zoning requires review by the Planning Agency and approval by the Board of Commissioners.

Sewage – Tap-ins to existing sanitary sewers require approval by the Rostraver Township Sewage Authority (724-930-7667). Permits for new on-lot sewage systems or repairs to existing systems, please contact K2 Engineering - Phone Number:  724.439.3440 - K2 Engineering Permit Applications Website

Signs – All advertising signs must be permitted by the Zoning Officer. Off site business signs (billboards) are conditional uses to be additionally approved by the Board of Commissioners. (Chapter 195 of the Township Code).  A building permit is required. 
... Sign Application
... Sign Permit Waiver Application
Off Site Business Signs  (Billboard)

Solicitation Permit – Non-profit organizations – per day is $10.00 per location, Profitable organizations – per day is $35.00 per location/per week is $200.00 per location/per month is $600.00 per location/per year is $5,000.00 per location.
... Solicitation Form-Profit
... Solicitation Form-Non-Profit

Special Exception (Go to Variance/Zoning Hearing Appeal application) – Certain listed uses require review and approval by the Township’s Zoning Hearing Board prior to permit issuance, including home occupations (small business activity operated from residential home). (Chapter 195 of the Township Code ).

Stormwater Management – Any land activities creating an impervious area of 1,000 square feet or greater or involving earth disturbance of 5,000 square feet or greater, shall submit and obtain approval from the Township Engineer. (see Chapter 164 of the Township Code ). 
...  Stormwater
... Stormwater Management Exemption

Subdivision/Land Developments – Division of a single tract of land into two or more lots by lot lines, buildings, building groups, streets, alleys, parking areas, or lease holds or development of a lot with a single non-residential building or two or more residential buildings requires review by the Planning Agency and approval by the Board of Commissioners. (see Chapter 175 of the Township Code ). 
... Preliminary Subdivision Form
... Simple Subdivision Application
... Final Subdivision Form
... Land Development       

Variances/Zoning Appeal - Hardship or dimensional variances for physical circumstances on property are reviewed and approved by the Zoning Hearing Board.

Zoning Permit  – Dwellings, garages, sheds, carports, mobile homes, inground pools, additions, porches, decks, commercial or industrial buildings, barns, stables, silos, structural repairs, miscellaneous structures, grading, etc. A building permit is required also.
No zoning permits are needed for non-structural repairs such as siding, shingles, interior remodeling, fence, sidewalks, above ground pools, etc.  A building permit is required.

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