• Receipt is hereby acknowledged the applicant is aware of Rostraver Township Chapter 166 and 175-32 (Pavement/Underdrain Detail).
  • Also provide safe and convenient passage upon the Township highway.
  • Applicant must provide a map showing where the cut is to be made on the road.
  • Applicant shall submit at time of application a road restoration plan that indicates how the applicant plans to address damage to Township roads.
  • An inventory of the condition of the road(s) shall be done by the Rostraver Township Road Supervisor. 
  • Road bonding is set by the Township Engineer and will be release one year after inspection approval by Rostraver Township Road Supervisor and Township Engineer.
  • Must submit $200.00 for each application, a drawing, and bond due at the time of submittal.  Check is to be made out to RostraverTownship.