General Permit Sewage Instructions

General Sewage Permit Instructions
1.  Obtain a sewage permit application from the Municipal Building and pay the designated fee.
2.  Call K2 Engineering (724-439-3440) Sewage Enforcement Officer for soil testing instructions and schedule a preliminary site inspection.
3.  Call PA One Call (1-800-242-1776 or 811) to locate utilities on the property.
4.  Dig a minimum of two test pits in the general location of the proposed sewage system as per attached detail.  Certain situations may require numerous pits and may require the applicant to contract a soils consultant to also examine the pits.  Call K2 for inspection.
5.  Upon approval of step 4, dig a minimum of six (6) percolation holes (usually 6" diameter and 20" deep) unless otherwise required, in the general area of the proposed sewage system.  Certain systems reviewed by the applicant's soils consultant may not require percolation testing.
6.  Upon receipt of test results, the applicant must design (or have designed) a specific sewage system based on the test results.  As per state regulations, the local sewage officer cannot design the system for the applicant.
7.  Upon receipt of a proper design, the sewage permit can be issued and the building permit can then be applied for.  Certain designs may require a preliminary review by D.E.P. (Department of Environmental Protection).  The sewage permit is valid for three (3) years.  The sewage system must be inspected by K2 prior to final covering.  Certain systems may require an operations and maintenance agreement with the township.