Dye Test/Perk Test

Typical Percolation Testing Method
1.  Dig six (6) holes minimum, diameter of 6" to 10" to  depth of 20" (unless otherwise required).  Scratch the sides and bottom of each hole to promote good drainage and number each hole.  Place 2" of gravel in hole.
2.  For initial presoaking, place 12" of water in each hole eight (8) to twenty four (24) hours prior to initiation of the testing.
3.  At the end of the initial presoak, measure the amount of water left in each hole and record the water loss along with the amount of hours taken.
4.  Place a nail in the side of each hole 6" from the top of the gravel.  Place another nail near the top of each hole an even distance above the first nail and record that distance.  Make this distance between nails the same in each hole.
5.  For final presoak, place 6" of water over the gravel, wait 30 minutes, readjust water level to 6", wait 30 minutes, record final presoak water drop.
6.  Fill each hole with water to the first (6"level).
7.  After 30 minutes, carefully measure the distance from the top nail down to the water level.  Now subtract the distance between nails from the last measurement, giving the drop in water level for that 30 minute period.  Record this measurement for each hole to the nearet 1/8".
8.  Refill each hole to the first nail (6" level) and continue as described in item 7 above for a total of 8 (eight) readings, four (4) hours of testing.
NOTE:  In the event any hole loses water at a rate of more than 6" in thirty (30) minutes, refill the hole to 6" and take the reading every ten (10) minutes on that hole.