Gas Wells


Variance (Zoning Hearing Board – Notice of Appeal):
          $450.00 (must be paid when handing in)
          Property Owner must sign
          Gas well goes for a special exception
          Fill out all of the application except for abutting property owners section. 
          Put all gas wells per property owner (so if you are drilling for more than one
               with one property owner put them on this form.                                    
Zoning Permit (application and permit for zoning and occupancy)
          (4 pages)
          $5,000.00 per gas well
          Property Owner must sign
          Fill out all of the application
          Send DEP approval permit for each gas well
          Plot plan
          A copy of the Preparedness, Prevention and Contingency (PPC) plan
               turned into our Emergency Management Coordinator
          Certificate of Liability for workmen compensation with our name and
               address in the box:
                             Rostraver Township
                             201 Municipal Drive
                             Rostraver Township, PA 15012

Stormwater Management Plan (4 pages)
          $500.00 for permit plus $2.00 for every $1,000 cost.
          Application goes per parcel
          Property Owner must sign
          Engineer prepares this application
          Two copies is needed and sent to township so we can forward it to our


Driveway Permit
          $200.00 for application
          $10.00 for every foot wide the driveway is opened at township road (bond)
               (can go as wide as 28 feet) – will return bond once the engineer inspects
               and approve
          50' paving from road opening
          Fill out application fully


Highway Occupancy Permit
          $500.00 for application
          Fill out application fully (even if you are traveling on state routes – our
               engineer will only bond the township roads)
          Bond will be set up with our township engineer
          Bond agreement must be signed
          Video will be done by Rostraver Township Road Supervisor
Cutting/Boring Permit
         $200.00 for application
          Fill out application fully
          Must provide safe and convenient passage on township road
          Must provide map showing where the cut/bore is to be made
          Must provide a road restoration plan
          Bond will be set up with our township engineer
          Approval of Township Engineer and Road Supervisor

***Please make sure you read and follow ALL of the requirements of Ordinance No. 617 which amends Ordinance No. 300 of
Chapter 195 – Zoning.