Request to Review Records


The purpose of this policy is to assure compliance with Act 3 of 2008.  Act 3 of 2008 commonly known as the "Open Records Law" fundamentally changes the "Right-to-Know Law" by mandating a presumption of disclosure and shifting the burden of denial to the government, with those and other provisions of the new law to be effective January 1, 2009.  The Open Records Law substantially amended the Act of June 21, 1957 and the Act 2002-50 commonly referred to as the "Right-to-Know Law" and therefore requires the Township to amend these policies and procedures in order to ensure compliance with same.

It is the policy of the Township of Rostraver (hereinafter "the Township") to require the presence of a designated employee when public records are examined and inspected and to charge reasonable fees for duplication of public records of the Townshp pursuant to public requests for the same.  Further, the Townshp hereby designates the Township Manager as the responsible party for assuring compliance with the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law, in accordance with the following guidelines:  procedure, appeals to court of common pleas, retention and disposal of public records, written policies and regulations, and fees and charges.
Requester must make a copy of the Request for Public Records form and fill it out.  The requester must then mail it to Rostraver Township Municipal Building, 201 Municipal Drive, Rostraver Township, PA 15012.  Once received in the Rostraver Township Municipal Building office it is stamped in and processed.  The Township Secretary will call requester once all requested records are pulled to either access the copies or make copies ($ .25 each sheet) of the records.